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11 April, 2009

Party time

Now that the Aqualizer has been downloaded for the 5000th time, has celebrated his first anniversary and was incorporated in the Music Tech Magazine UK, we thought it was time for a party. Of couse, an actual Aqualizer cake should not be absent on such a memorable event! Unfortunately the cake was gone remarkably fast...


1 April, 2009

Over 5000 downloads of the Aqualizer!

The Aqualizer has been downloaded for the fivethousandth time today! This is not a practical joke! We are, of course, very happy with this milestone; the Aqualizer is not even a year old!

We would like to thank all users for downloading the Aqualizer and giving feedback. Your support has inspired us to work even harder in order to improve the Aqualizer and thus establish even better performance.

And now... it's time to get to tenthousand!

March 23, 2009

Aqualizer in Music Tech Magazine

We got on offer by the British monthly magazine Music Tech Magazine to be included in their issue of this month (issue 72). It was an offer we could not refuse, so the Aqualizer appeared on the DVD accompanying the magazine. We are really happy to see that the Aqualizer is valued as high as to be included in a leading magazine on audio design in the United Kingdom! The issue is about to come off the shelfs in the UK, but can still be ordered from the Music Tech website after that.

January 11, 2009

New website lay-out

Welcome on the 1.2 version of this website. It underwent some changes in lay-out and content, as our holiday provided us with some time to work on something new. We now have a logo, a new website lay-out, and we rewrote the website. We are still working on a new lay-out for the Aqualizer itself, but it will still take quite some time until this is finished. Comments and suggestions, either positive or negative, or maybe both, are always welcome, of course. We are never too old too learn from other people. Just contact us.

January 6, 2009

Aqualizer added to KVR database

We are proud to say that the Aqualizer has been added to the renowned KVR Audio database, a database that lists VST Plugins and other sorts of audio plugins. This means that the Aqualizer will be used by more and more people. Indeed, since the Aqualizer has been enlisted, the amount of downloads has doubled. We will do the best we can to comply with the quality standards of KVR.

Listed at KVR

December 23, 2008

Aqualizer version 1.1

Thanks to the comments of some of the users, we were able to improve the Aqualizer, so that we could launch the Aqualizer 1.1. It is compatible with more hosts than the former version, and some bugs were removed. We would recommend everybody to use this version instead of the older one. From now on, the version number is included in the title of the programme, so you can easily see whether you have got the older or the newer one. If the version number is not included, this means you still have the 1.0 version.

December 19, 2008


As we still live in a capitalistic world where credit crises hide on every corner of the street, we thought we might be able to cash in a little on our product. We are poor students, after all. We do want the Aqualizer to be freely available to everybody, though, so we thought the most humane thing to do was to add a donation button. You can find it under contact.

April 25, 2008

Gold medal for the Aqualizer at the International Conference for Young Scientists

From the 18th until the 23rd of April, the International Confernce for Young Scientists (ICYS) was being held in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Students from secondary school from all over the world were present to present their research. As we were selected to be part of this conference, we could present our research paper (see under Research Paper for more information) to peers who had done research themselves, and a qualified jury. In the category Engineering we won the first price. On the following website, you can read more about ICYS 2008.

Furthermore, a press report appeared at the website of the RUG (in Dutch):

April 6, 2008

Aqualizer wins Jan Kommandeur Award

The University of Groningen gave out a research contest called the Jan Kommandeur Award, the finale of which was Friday on the fourth of April. We managed to win the first price in the category Science with our research on digital audio filters (see under Research Paper for more information ). We are very happy with this price, because of the honour and because it means that we can go to the International Conference for Young Scientist, later this year in Ukraine.

You can find more about this contest here: It includes a little movie about the contest. It is all in Dutch, though.

An article about the contest appeared in the Dutch beta magazine Explore:

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